Monitor your store transactions & Sell online

Grow and monitor your retail business with our perfectly combined Ecommerce and Point of Sale Tools.


One application to replace them all

Sell In-Store

Keep an eye on businesses transactions and inventory in your shop.

Sell Online

Increase Your Sales. Setup a free online store website so you can sell 24/7.


Make more money by sending SMS messages to remind customers of you.

Free Up Time

Avoid driving to the shop just to monitor business performance. Check it on your phone.

Vendors like you have recorded over $15M in sales and monitor over 100,000 unique products on Sumundi Keepsales.

Yes! Your business isn't left out.

More than an ordinary Inventory & POS Software

Use Sumundi Keepsales to do more than recording sales and managing inventory. Build a REALLY cool website, communicate with your customers and receive payments.

Stand out from the onset

Branded SMS for Professionalism

Send SMS receipts, welcome messages, alerts, and promotional texts to your customers. Branded SMS messaging gives your business a sense of authenticity, aside the impact on your sales.

Don’t limit the money you can make.

Reach More People With A Free Website

Sumundi Keepsales is the first and only Point of Sale (POS)  Software to allow anyone, regardless of technical or design skills to create professional, good-looking websites in minutes.

No need for bulky devices

Accept Payments In-store & Online

Aside receiving payments on your online store, you can add mobile & card payments to your workflow for quick and easy contactless checkouts in-store or on the move.

Stay updated on daily sales and activities

You can view daily sales and recorded transactions even when you are away from your business. Making quick updates and changes to your products is easy too. With Sumundi Keepsales, you will reduce the need to be around at your business location all the time. The success of your business won’t also be dependent on the trustworthiness of your employees. You’ll always be in control and in safe hands.

Record sales even when the internet is down.

We get it. You want to be able to see what is going on when you are away, but you cannot rely on your internet network stability. As you get started on our software, you can use the installable desktop application and mobile application to record sales offline and synchronize them when the internet is more stable.

Use any type of device you prefer to work with.

Aside your budget, your business operation can require that you stick to a particular kind of device for managing your small business operations (either in the store or at home). Using Sumundi Keepsales means you can select whatever device you want and you will have absolutely nothing to bother about.

Install Keepsales on as many devices as you want &

Add other branches or warehouses.

You will be able to switch between your businesses whenever you add a new branch. Create login details for your employees and control what they can access.  Als Install Sumundi Keepsales on as many computers as you’d like. While most software only allows a limited number of installs, Sumundi Keepsales allows you to install on as many computers and phones.

Listen to what others are saying about how beneficial Sumundi Keepsales is.

Learn how to use Keepsales. There are lots of Tutorial Videos to guide you.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!


Source robust hardware to run store operations

Ready to start your business journey
with Sumundi?

Start on your own

Not new to Point of Sale? Register your business on Sumundi Keepsales. There are no monthly subscriptions. Upload your products. You’ll get lot’s of tutorial videos, guides and support along the way.

Reach out for help

We will train and guide you on how to get started. We have experts who are ever ready to support you. They go as far as helping you type and upload your stock.

Partner for impact

Technology can be particularly transformative in this sector, and so we have piloted digital technologies that help shop owners cut down on employee stock theft by properly managing inventory, sales, and finances. As Sumundi seeks to work with many more retailers, we are ever ready to partner you in achieving mutual goals.