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8 Good Customer Service Tips Retailers Can Adopt

Almost every customer has experienced bad customer service from retailers and retailers have also experienced a situation where customers have complained about improper customer services. You can have the best product, best shop environment, best online shop, best product prices yet bad customer service will destroy your business. Every individual customer is your guest and as such, should be treated with care and love. I agree customers can be a little off the edge but it is our mandate to serve them satisfactorily. Below are a few customer service tips you can adopt.

Get To Know Your Customer

The first time a customer enters your shop or reaches out to you online is the chance for you to know them and create a personal customer relationship with them. Get to know and address them with their names, know their personalities and even if they do not buy from you at that moment, they are sure to return to you.

Recommend Good Products To Your Customers

Often customers get confused when choosing among a variety of products to purchase like clothing, perfumes, gadgets and food products. They usually turn to retailers to help them in selecting. Retailers are to recommend good products to their customers in such circumstances but do not force them to select your preference.


Sometimes all a customer requires from you is a smile. Before writing this article, I had a discussion with a few friends on what they regard as a bad customer service and almost all of them said a frowning retailer. So yes! You might be frowning because of your own personal reasons but it may be affecting your business. Just smile at your customers.

Say Please And Thank You

 Thanking your customers after purchasing from you is showing appreciation to them for choosing you among all your competitors. Customers will feel appreciated and needed when such customer love is extended to them. Also say “please” when addressing customers to show respect to them irrespective of how they look or are dressed. 

Don’t Argue With Customers

 Let this sink; customers are always right! Even if they are not right in a particular context, do not argue with them because arguing with them will lead to a loss of that customer. If customers start arguments, be polite in explaining things to them, do not fight them.

 Don’t Judge Customers

A retailer’s primary goal is to sell to their customers and make profits, so the question is, why do we judge our customers by what they buy from us? Some of the people I discussed this with said pharmacies usually judge them when they go to purchase items like condoms, contraceptives, sex enhancers and other sexually related products and this prevents them from going back to those particular pharmacies.

 Don’t Embarrass Your Customers

Retailers usually judge customers by their appearances to determine if they can pay for the items they have chosen or not. Do not embarrass your customers by suggesting low priced products if they haven’t asked you. Don’t create a scene because your customer’s card declined, rather, ask for other alternatives for payment.

 Give Freebies To Your Loyal Customers

Observe your customers and reward the loyal customers. Consider gifts like toffees, cookies, cupcakes and anything that wouldn’t drain your funds and give them to loyal customers. It will be well appreciated.

In retailing, customers are our priority and as such deserve good treats when they transact with us. Make it your goal to give your customers the best customer service they can get anywhere.

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