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The adrenaline Christmas holidays bring comes with the urge to shop and yes that is a time for retailers to cash in if they really plan well.  You might be wondering if customers are still going to shop even in this covid -19 season. The truth is consumption and shopping never halted even at the peak of the pandemic but rather took a different turn and surprisingly consumers are settling in a full sail now. So, If you are yet to plan for the holidays using covid as an excuse, this is the time to plan and strategize these few months away from Christmas holidays. 

The time is now! Consumers are likely to start shopping beginning in October to prevent the  hussle and  jam Christmas brings. Already made your plans? Add these to them!

Be in the holiday spirit

The excitement your shop depicts is surely one way to get customers to enter or click on the purchase button. How about setting up your shop with Christmas bells, trees and those beautiful Christmas colors? Your shop should have that festive and merry ambience that will arouse the purchase desire of your customers. Be inclined to satisfy your customers desire for a delightful experience that will remain in their hearts even after the Christmas season. Finally, remind employees to specially greet customers as they enter.

Run Discounts and Reductions

It is already established that consumers are still purchasing in this covid -19 season yet due to layoffs and other financial problems encountered, this period has rendered a lot of consumers cashless. So this is the time to run discounts, reductions and present the best prices to your customers. Do not be hard on your prices, be flexible in the pricing of some products that you can. Christmas is a gift season and your customers deserve some gifts too, you can also incorporate the idea of sharing gifts like toffees, chocolates and biscuits to your customers.

Adapt to E- commerce

In my judgement, the pandemic has encouraged a massive shift from the brick and mortar shops to online shops due to the protocols meted out during the lockdown which is good for the retail and technology industry. Most consumers are now comfortable with online shopping and delivery because they are still in fear of being in public places which will hinder the transactions of retailers who exclusively run brick and mortar shops. This is the time to embrace e-commerce if you are yet to in order not to be left out this Christmas season. With the inclusion of running ads, email campaigns and social media campaigns, your covid-19 Christmas season will be successful.

Favorably Stock your Shop

The Christmas season is the retailers cashing season and thus your stock levels should be appropriately monitored to prevent any shortages or mishaps. Running out of stock should be the least of your worries during the Christmas season. Previous records of your Christmas sales can be a guide in stocking for this season to prevent losing customers or overstocking short lifespan products.

Most importantly, observe all the covid-19 protocols including social distancing in shops, wearing of masks, washing of hands and the use of sanitizers. Customers value their lives and will be glad that you are putting their lives first. Hire and train temporary employees to prevent traffic and crowds in your physical shops. Remember the goal is to be safe and also to make big sales, be focused and budget wisely to prevent any losses.

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