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There Is Joy In Good Business

We are passionate about giving shop owners peace of mind and convenience – A complete sense of confidence in running their retail businesses. Sumundi is guiding Africa’s most popular entrepreneurs – retailers in embracing technology and best operational practices.

We are Hands-on People

Sumundi is not your typical signup-and-use kind of company. We understand that your business needs the right services and consultation together with technology to give you the exact results you want. 

We are supportive People

The most human-focused retail technology company on the Globe. You get to see the faces you are trusting your business with. We don’t get tired of your questions and our structured support ensures you get in contact with us when you need to. 

Meet Our Founders

On The Radar

We’ve had nice things said about us in the media

Retailers, and particularly small informal shopkeepers, are the lifeblood of Africa’s economies. Ghana-based startup Sumundi provides easy-to-use point-of-sale and inventory management software for small shops...

Sumundi’s retail management platform aims to facilitate and promote Africa’s retailers with a suite of services to help run and grow a business. Retailers, and particularly small informal retailers are the lifeblood of Africa’s...

“From there, anytime a customer walks into the merchant’s shop to make a purchase... The merchant gets to see how many sales he is making and how much is being sold in real-time... becomes a single source of truth for all accounts...

Very easy to use, given the potential for retailers to be less than tech savvy, the software – which Sumundi calls Keepsales – gives customers full oversight of their businesses, allowing them to easily make sales and ensure they are...

See How we are making the lives of shop owners better

More and more retail entrepreneurs in Africa are living more fulfilling lives because the Sumundi Team won’t stop at anything to make them happier people.