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Balancing Family And Business Life

Balancing family and business is a big challenge to business owners at the point of startup or when the business is at its growing stage and if not well monitored, one will grow at the detriment of the other. Every business owner needs their business to grow and also for their family to grow if they have one. New parents, newly married couples or couples with growing kids mostly have problems balancing their businesses and their families. It can affect your quality time with your family and nurturing kids may also become challenging. There may be some adverse effects on the business owner and his or her family that may be witnessed as a result of the difficulties in balancing a family life and running a business. Your ability to balance your family life with your business is possible and these are how to go about it;

Delegate tasks to others

Apart from experiencing a breakdown in your health, chances of sidelining your family is high if you intend to do everything on your own. In business, there are so many tasks to do; from operations, sales, marketing, customer service and accounting. Taking up all these tasks in your business makes you so busy and they reduce the time you have with your family. The solution is to delegate some of your roles to your subordinates and supervise them while you spend time with family. If you do not have subordinates, you have to hire competent staff who can handle your tasks for you. 

Create a routine for both roles

Planning out both roles is the best way to balance your family life and business life. Set a routine from morning throughout to evening involving both work and family. For instance input picking up kids from school, dinner time, homework time in your schedule for the day. If this becomes a routine, balancing family life wouldn’t be a challenge to you.

Work when everyone is sleeping

It might not always be the best to extend your work hours to the house but on the flip side, meeting deadlines might require you to work some extra hours at home. It is encouraged that you do that when everyone is asleep. It will prevent frequent distractions from family and also ensure that you get enough time to spend quality time free of work related stuff with your family.

Bring business to the table

This does not mean bringing all the pressure from your work to the home, for instance, working while at home, receiving calls or responding to mails while on the table with your family. This simply means that at the table, you can discuss a few issues from your work with the family, like seeking for suggestions and ideas on challenges faced at work or sharing humorous issues that happened at work with your family just to create a stronger bond between you and your family. Your family will appreciate that you involve them in your business.


On holidays, festivities, and weekends, try to spend those happy moments with your family by taking them on a trip, to the beach or any relaxation mission. Being successful both at home and at your business is a necessity.

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