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Christmas is here Already

Christmas is here once again. What do you have up your sleeves in making the cash? I am sure you understand when I say “making cash” . If you haven’t made any profits since the emergence of Covid-19 till now, do not worry, Christmas is here! Christmas naturally comes with the desire to purchase and this season is no different. According to research consumers buy lots of clothes, furniture and mostly food items throughout the christmas season.

This is good news for retailers who sell these things. The truth however is, you are not the sole retailer of these items on your street. Consumers have lots of choices but they prefer the shop that presents them with the most Christmas mood and festivity ambience. Do you want to know how to achieve that? Walk with me as we use three senses of our customers to attract them into our shops.

Christmas Music 

There is a quote that says music is the food for the soul. I totally agree. Music can change the mood of a sad person to a happy person. It is just fascinating how that can be right. Music also attracts the attention of people. It would be a total reflex for me to shift my attention to a shop emanating music and out of curiosity find out what they are selling. Retail shops can play Christmas songs and other songs their customers can relate to, to attract them to their shops. Music should be loud enough to attract customers but not to a point when it actually causes noise pollution. Big retail shop owners can also organize Christmas concerts while considering their financial budget.

Christmas Decoration

A sure way to create the Christmas feeling in and around your retail store is to invest in Christmas decorations. The goal is to attract customers to enter your shop by what they see. We say that eyes are the window to the soul, so to get into the soul of your customers you need to present their eyes with beautiful and heartwarming decorations. In decorating your retail store, you can consider the traditional Christmas colors red, gold and green and probably blend another beautiful color like white or blue to make your decoration unique. Take this from me, do not forget your beautiful christmas tree decorated with bells, beautiful and colorful lights and finally ribbons and baubles to give your christmas tree the best look ever.

Christmas food

Who else noticed? Christmas comes with a refreshing smell of food all over from street to street, homes and even stores. Ranging from cookies, doughnuts, wine, coffee, candies and cupcakes, retailers can also create the Christmas festivity feel by gifting out these food items to customers when they walk into your store. Freshly baked pastries have a wonderful smell that will surely attract  and brighten up the faces of your customers. If your budget is really tight for the season, you can bake them at home or outsource to a less expensive local baker. Customers with sweet teeth will really appreciate this gesture and will remember it.

Do not panic or get overwhelmed by all these hacks into making your cash. It is not too late to join in creating the festivity mood in your retail shop. Technically you have a month and some days to plan and put into action these ideas. Join the train!

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