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Providing more than just personalized expert guidance and advice. We go the extra mile because we actually understand your pain. This is the reason why we work hand-in-hand with you to bring up the best solutions you're totally in sync with.

Making Retail Peaceful & Easy


Want To Avoid Or Eliminate Employee Theft In Your Shop?


Reach Out: We'll Provide free Consultancy and Strategy.


Restructure Operations


Remain An Efficient Manager While You're Away

A Store Operations Strategy

Sumundi can help you refine your frontline activities and guide you to execute a more scalable and efficient approach to management.

Easy-To-Use Technology

We know what your business needs is not a complicated and bloated software that will only make your work harder. This is why we have developed Sumundi Keepsales – Our proprietary application that can save you time and make your retail shop management as easy as breathing.

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