Updating Inventory
Can Be Challenging

Offload That Burden

Your attempt at using any tool to eliminate theft in your shop will fail if you are not diligent in updating your inventory with new purchases. We know how hard it is to make time for that. That’s why we help you keep up with all the frequent purchases so you  leave no chances for pilfering and fraud.

Cheers To The Peace You Get When Your Data is Always Up-To-Date

1. Add up quantities when there is new stock

Update restocked products with new quantities.

2. Add Totally New Products To Inventory

Create and Add Totally New Products  to Your Inventory.

3. Update Existing Product Details & Information

Update Batch Numbers, Expiry Dates, &amp other product information.

Make Time For Other Important Things Too

We will save you several hours a week so you are able to spend time with the other people and tasks that equally mean so much to you.

How much do you charge ?

Frequently Asked questions

Your data is safe with us. All team members are bound by an NDA clause and our in-depth privacy policy that ensures that no one leaks any information.

 This totally depends on the size of the data. Our data entry experts are however extremely fast and complete tasks within the shortest possible time.

We do not want to put any  limit to the number of entries we can make for you in a month that is why we get to understand your business before and agree on a feasible monthly charge.

Charges varies with the variety of  tasks, the frequency of entries, the complexity of entries, amongst others. The minimum we charge in a month is $9.99.

Acccuracy is guaranteed. We understand what the accuracy of your data means to you that is why we deploy only trained and certified experts.

No! Data Entry is done remotely. Should you want an expert to offer in-shop support, then kindly reach out to us for special arrangements.

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