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St. Stephens Pharmacy: Eliminating employee theft in the shop and increasing sales.

Shop Name: St. Stephen’s Pharmacy

Location: Labadi, Accra – Ghana.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

The Dangerous Problem

St. Stephen’s Pharmacy is a local pharmaceutical shop located at the heart of Labadi in Accra. A pharmacy with a very serene, warm and clean environment, it has been in operation for 10+ years. Mr. Baiden, the owner began to notice a sharp decline in the daily sales and stock values of the shop. 

The problem here was that Mr. Baiden owns a variety of shops in Accra and employs sales attendants to serve and sell to customers. He is not always present in person to monitor the transactions that occur in the shops and this gap is what his sales attendants exploited with nothing and no one to hold them accountable or prove their illegal activities.

He badly needed a solution that could be his source of truth in regards to every transaction that occurs in his pharmacy. A solution that could help him hold his sales attendants accountable for every missing item and unrecorded transaction and hopefully, prevent his pharmacy from collapsing.

How We Met Mr. Baiden & Our Solution For His Business

Mr. Baiden was introduced to Sumundi by a reseller partner and that is where the journey to his pharmacy’s growth began. The strategies outlined below is how we helped him get his pharmacy back on track and keep his sales attendants in check:

  1. Deployed a new computer system running the Sumundi Keepsales shop management software.
  2. Conducted a rigorous stock count to capture all the items in the shop together with their appropriate quantities into Sumundi Keepsales.
  3. We worked with Mr. Baiden to conduct over 5 stock audits over a period of 18 months to enforce accountability and remove managerial errors.

The Results

St. Stephens Pharmacy has successfully eliminated the occurrence of employee theft. Weekly sales have also shot up by over 60%.  Even more, Mr. Baiden has now observed a steady growth in the inventory value of his pharmacy. 

  • Elimination of employee theft.
  • 60% increase in daily sales.
  • Growth in inventory value.

Before meeting Sumundi, this was a business on the path of a possible collapse. Now his business is set on solid grounds with a robust monitoring system in place.

A Word From Mr. Baiden:

Sumundi Keepsales is a sensational software. My sales girls were very untrustworthy and disorganized. I had some sales attendants quit because Sumundi Keepsales didn’t allow them to steal anymore. Now I am able to see every sale that is made and track it with the history of quantities of the items. There has also been a tremendous increase in the amount of daily sales made compared to years ago.

I am extremely grateful to the Sumundi team.

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