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Khay’s Essentials: Managing and monitoring shop activities from everywhere.

Shop Name: Khay’s Essentials

Location: East Legon, Accra – Ghana.

Industry: Organic & Weight Loss Products

The Dangerous Problem

Khay’s Essentials is a shop which deals in very high quality organic and weight loss products. It is a very professional and welcoming shop with lots of amazing products, especially their teas. Gifty, one of the owners has another full time job. Selasi, the co-owner, is also resident outside of Ghana. How were these two owners going to monitor and co-manage their business being so far apart from each other and also not being present in the shop each moment?

How could they trust their sales attendants to be selling at the right prices and not stealing from them as well?

How We Met Gifty and Selasi

Gifty & Selasi were introduced to Sumundi by a family friend of theirs. We worked with them for a period of about 5 days and did the following:

  1. Deployed a new computer system running the Sumundi Keepsales shop management software.
  2. Conducted a rigorous stock count to capture all the items in the shop together with their appropriate quantities into Sumundi Keepsales.
  3. We also helped them implement a barcode scanning system in the shop to make it easier for the sales attendants to sell the items with no mistakes.

The Results

Gifty & Selasi are now able to track every sale and item in the shop no matter where they are. They save 300+ hours of time each year that they would have spent to go all the way to the shop to get information on how the business is performing.

They are also able to easily see which items are running low on stock. This helps them immensely in getting a clear picture of what new items to re-order.

A Word From Gifty:

Sumundi Keepsales is an amazing software. I was really surprised to find out that there was a solution to help my sister and I monitor things even when we were away from the shop. At first, I always had to come all the way to the shop to check the daily sales. Now I only come to the shop for other managerial duties that strictly require my physical presence. I really love the software.

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