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RBA Marts: Monitoring 11 shop branches simultaneously.

Shop Name: RBA Marts

Location: Chain of Stores Across Accra and Kasoa

Industry: Supermarket

The Dangerous Problem

RBA Mart is an 11-store chain across Accra and Kasoa. Their lead I.T consultant, Kingsley could not find a reliable, cost effective solution that could help the business owners monitor all these branches easily. How could they see how each of the stores were performing at any point in time and also efficiently track all their thousands of products.

It was impossible for the owner to be present at all 11 branches regularly and at the same time. Even if she tried, it will take hundreds of hours driving around and will end up being very expensive.

Their existing system was simply failing them.

How We Met Kingsley & Our Solution For RBA Marts

Kingsley found Sumundi through our website. He got very impressed with our solution and decided to give us a shot. Starting with only a single RBA Mart as a trial run, Sumundi Keepsales was gradually rolled out to the entire RBA Branches in a span of a few weeks. This is what we did for him:

  1. We helped migrate all their data from their existing system to Sumundi Keepsales.
  2. We helped them create the right user accounts with permissions to control access to the shop’s data.
  3. Sumundi Keepsales made it possible to track all branches from a single account.

The Results

Through the power of our platform, the owner of RBA Marts is now able to track all her shops from a single point without moving an inch. She immediately notices anytime there are stock irregularities and is able to hold her sales attendants accountable.  

At this point, the owner of RBA Marts is able to closely monitor her shop even when she is away. She is also enjoying the flexibility of being able to simultaneously deal with newly supplied stock as sales go on.

A Word From Kingsley:

The platform is extremely easy to use. I especially love the analytics portion of the software. I used to experience lots of issues and bugs with our old system but Sumundi Keepsales is so much better and more stable. Anytime there is a challenge, I’m able to communicate it with my account manager and then a way is found to resolve the issue.

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