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Packaging Items For Delivery

“Some of us are tired of the black rubber bags”, a customer said to me when I asked for his feedback on the items I delivered. He said, “I really like the items you delivered, but the packaging is bad”. In my head, I was wondering why the customer was focusing on the packaging instead of the product.

What I didn’t know was that packaging now is a trend and customers are obsessed with creative and thoughtful packaging. The whole idea is to unwrap their products like gifts or presents. After a thorough reading and research, I will share with you items you can use in packaging for a delivery.


The attractive and creative way to deliver products to a customer is to put them in a box. The box can be made of wood, cardboard or plastic, and the size should depend on the quantity of product to fit in. The box can be colorful, plain or branded without causing any financial burdens. Branded boxes are the trend but plain boxes are also cool. Items that can be packaged in boxes include cupcakes, chocolates, biscuits, toiletries, cosmetics etc. Packaging products in boxes makes the product presentable. 


Paper bags are one of the commonest packaging used in the UK, USA, Canada and other western countries. In Africa and some parts of Asia, it’s not one of the things to see except in big supermarkets and the malls. Apart from it being a presentable way to package items, it is also eco friendly and can be reused by the customer for other purposes. It can be customized to suit your product, for example products with heavy weights should have strong handles to prevent tears. Paper bags can be used to package food items, clothing and hair products.


Packaging items in baskets is also a trend. Until recently, baskets were used for shopping, carrying items from the farm, or in the very local settings, serving food. This is normally used by food retailers for fruit baskets, breakfast baskets, and festivity combo packages. The retailer has got the option of a plastic, cane woven or straw woven basket to suit its purpose. Personally, receiving food items in baskets can be very satisfying and it gives me a festive feel. It puts the whole setting in an organized manner and prevents food from spilling.


Yes! Jars can be used for packaging before delivery. It is normally used to package beads, seeds, oils, ice-cream and recently the famous Ghanaian dish “waakye”. It can be ceramic or glass to suit you and the customer preferences. Glass jars are normally preferred because it reveals the items without having to open them. The lid of the jar can be branded with the retailer’s logo or flier. Jars ensure that liquid products do not drain or spill while being delivered.

Retailers with a low budget for packaging can also use colorful thick plastic bags, branded or unbranded to give their customers the best packaging experience. Preferably, retailers should brand their packaging items because customers usually go back to the package when they want to contact you. It would be sad to lose a customer because your package didn’t give them a clue about you. Enough of the rubber bags. Give your customers a well deserving packaging.

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