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Together, we can assist retailers manage and grow their businesses!

For Resellers & Referrers

Offer your customers a powerful all-in-one technology platform that can manage every aspect of their business or Spread the word about Sumundi products and get rewarded for every new customer account you initiate.

For Experts

Increase your income while doing what you do best. Support our clients with your amazing skill sets. We partner experts to offer onsite support such as hardware setup and stock taking or provide professional services in the field of accounting, marketing or HR.

For Hardware Vendors

Sell more by offering a range of hardware solutions (tablets, computers, cash tilts, printers, barcode scanners, mobile pos, etc.) to vendors. 

For Developers

Build custom solutions and for vendors or create integrations and themes for Sumundi and showcase the benefits of your solution to entrepreneurs across Africa.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why should you become a Partner?

Our partners win and retain more clients. Join our growing community of partners and offer the best retail solutions to support your clients growth.

It’s super easy to join and our model ensures that you stay in control of your processes. It’s almost as if you own the products. 

Are you ready to get started?

It’s super easy to join . Let’s start a beautiful partnership.


Don’t just make money, join a continental network of partners. Build relationships that will set you up for success and get the intrinsic reward of making other  businesses better.

Generate a recurring income for your business. Get a discounted price from Sumundi and earn the difference (25% of subscriptions) as revenue. Every year, when your clients renew, you will earn that revenue for life. Add Sumundi’s products to your company’s offerings right away.

Get $10 when you refer a lead to make a Sumundi Keepsales purchase. Know anyone that might need our service? Start referring.

Sometimes our customers need on-site support and help from experts like yourself. We will refer those customers to you to grow your income.

For any custom solution you deploy and integrations or themes you develop, there is a revenue model that comes with it and a business to build from it.

We have lot’s of retailers looking for quality and affordable hardware solutions. When you partner with us, you get to reach more customers and increase you revenue.

What do partners
say about us?

My company and I are happy that we can recommend our partner Sumundi as a software partner. We specialize in CCTV and security systems. Partnering Sumundi has impacted our revenues positively. And just like us, they focus on customer experience and delivering their client’s with big results.

Neenyi, Ghana

Every Partner Gets

Revenue or commissions

Sumundi believes in fair and shared earnings. That is why for whatever kind of partnership you have with us, you are certain about a satisfying income.


Our team is always eager and engaged: looking after the partner community, providing everything you need.

Training & Support

We don't leave you to figure things out all by yourself. You'll get access to rich content, training resources and all you need to ensure your success.


Join our growing community of partners who are consistently impacting the retail & hospitality industry.


We are open to innovation. There are plenty of activities we can collaborate on and combine efforts. This way, it will be easier to hit your goals.

Product updates

We appreciate feedback. Get first hand details on everything new across all of Sumundi's products.

The Sky's The Limit

Let's share our desire to help merchants. become a sumundi partner.

Grow your business with the technology solution that powers hospitality and retail across Africa.