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compared to cash, Digital Payments are harder to steal

The SmartPOS is efficient and secure and allows you receive from all payment sources such as cards (MasterCard, Visa & GhLink) and Mobile Money.

Countless Benefits

Clear and rapid account reconciliation

Neglibible fraud as payments are validated through a secured path.

Highest security, Latest Software and EMV level certifications and PCI compliance.

Dashboard to view real time transactions

Highly satisfied customers with no additional cost to them.

Lower transactional costs compared with cheque, cash processing and cash collections.

Power Your payments
grow your business

Handheld android-powered devices with a stylish design that turns you counter-top into a space of payment innovation, convenience and efficiency. It is also an excellent solution for mobile shops and businesses, with its light weight and quick connectivity features.

Android 5.0





e 3.7V 6000MAh


Dual SIM






Most frequent questions and answers

Deployment of POS terminals to your company takes a maximum of 72hours from the time you submit all documentations required.

1. All registration documents certified and issued by the Registrar General’s Office.
2. Settlement bank details.
3. Tax and identification number (TIN)
4. Merchant application form

We will provide a Dashboard to your Company so that you can have access to viewing transactions online real-time on the POS device. You will be able to access reconcilliation reports within a period of time.

Our POS terminals are hand-held and android powered, enabled with a stylish design for counter-top and mobile used. They are equipped with the highest security to meet the latest hardware and software security requirements, respectively; EMV level certifications and PCI compliance. The application that runs our POS terminal is developed such that it acquires all card schemes approved by BoG and is enabled to acquire contactless payments, QR payments and NFC payment options too.

There is a monthly service charge of $10. This enables us to provide you with on-site support when necessary, free paper rolls and unlimited data access.

Own The Device

 You will never have to return the device due to low sales and there is absolutely no limit ever on your daily transactions.

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