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Protecting Goods Against Damage

I have observed this; customers always want products looking nice and brand new when purchasing from retailers.  In fact they would make these emphatic statements when purchasing from you which are; I want the nicest one, I don’t want this, this item is scratched or broken. Customers will outright reject items if they look old, stained, scratched or crumpled. It is not their fault. Customers deserve the best from retailers and must receive value for their money. These are a few ways you can ensure that your goods look new and without blemish before sale.

Spacious and clean storage room

A storage room serves as a bank’s vault for your products or goods. In simpler terms, the storage room holds the items till it is time for sale. The state of the storage room is likely to negatively or positively affect the goods. A spacious and a clean storage room should be your prime concern when seeking a storage room for your goods. A spacious storage ensures that there is ventilation especially for foodstuff, packaged edible goods etc. It also helps to avoid goods from pressing against each other, scratching, breaking, or goods getting stepped on when moving to pick other goods. A clean storage room prevents pest infestation

Train employees on how to handle goods

Every single product you retail is unique and should be handled differently. Some products are breakable, some are waterproof, others are not. Some have vulnerable packaging, others have tough packaging and finally some can easily crumple. Because of this, retailers need to practically educate their employees about the different products they have in stock, so they know how to handle breakable items, and not put non-waterproof items near water. In totality, retailers need to ensure that their goods are handled with care to prevent any losses.

Protect goods from the weather

The weather can cause a lot of damage to products if they are not protected from them. Retailers who sell metallic items are to prevent them from rain, since it may lead to them rusting. Also leaving items under the hot sun may discolor items in a period of time. If you doubt, check all items that are directed towards the sun over a period and you will realize the discoloration. Customers will reject those items because they may think they have expired or are damaged which may not be the case. Also, some items like chocolate, glue, paint and all jellylike products may melt if it directly gets into contact with the sun. It is your mandate to know how every item behave in any condition and to protect them from damage to prevent profit losses.


Separate the different types of goods

For retailers who sell different types of products, for instance cosmetics, toiletries and food items, it is advised that you keep these different products far apart from each other. Categorically edible foods from chemical products. Health wise, putting those items closer may lead to food poisoning. In supermarkets and big retail shops, it is noticed that every type of product has a different stand or shelf which is not only  helpful for locating items but also protects the products from each other. In other small retail shops where items are put together it is noticed that sometimes products, especially food items have very strong scents of other products. An example is putting bottled water close to air fresheners; may result in the water having the smell of the air freshener.

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