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Retail Counter Ideas For Your Retail Shop

The checkout counter is the last point of transaction between a retailer and a customer and also separates the retailer from the customer. The checkout counter might be one of the first things a customer notices while entering your shop and obviously the last before leaving your shop. So, to make a good impression on your customers as they enter or leave your shop, your checkout counter should be impressively alluring to them in order to impel them to come back to your shop.

Clean, health and safety prioritized

Keeping your shop clean is vital to the progress of your business. No customer will be comfortable buying from a dirty shop and this applies to your checkout counter.  Customers will be hesitant when approaching a dirty or filthy looking counter and may end up not buying anything to prevent transacting on your counter. To prevent this, a daily morning routine of cleaning your counter area is encouraged. With covid 19 keeping people on the cleanliness edge, place hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, free nosemasks and tissues on your counter so customers feel safe in your shop.

Brand your counter

At a glance of your counter, new customers should be able to tell your brand, your business style and type. Your counter should be able to market your brand to first time customers who enter your shop. Don’t leave your customers wondering what your business is the first time they encounter you or forgetting even the name of your business as soon as they leave your shop. You can present your brand in the form of:

  • Statements
  • Pictures
  • Logo
  • Business name

Encourage Impulse Buying

The check-out counter, surprisingly, can be a point where customers can purchase more even though that is the last point of transaction. You can create the chance for customers buying out of impulse by positioning desirable items on the counter to attract them to buy them. Items that can be placed at the counter are items that do not need any kind of orientation or explanation like

  • Lamp batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Pens and pencils

Tablets or Tv screens

Tablets and Tv screens not only give your store a digital and trendy look but also enables your customers to look through items posted on your e-commerce sites or swipe through new stock provided they have been uploaded onto your online website. They can swipe through on their own or employees can guide them. The tv screens positioned behind the counter can also be used to entertain customers like showing movies or music videos.

The whole point is, don’t leave your counter boring to the customer. What about placing an artificial flower or plant on the counter or writing up a beautiful or inspiring quote to light up the spirits of your customers. 

Last but not the least, let your counter reflect the seasons, holidays and festivals like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day and Valentine’s Day.

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