Uncover Theft

Prevent pilferage and fraud by analyzing records.

Uncover Expiring Goods

Know when your products are due to go out of date

Identify Obsolete Stock

Determine which items sell and which don’t.

Know Your Margins

Ascertain accurate gross profit margins for your products.

Know Your Performance

Measure how well a products are performing .

Implement Control

Regular stock count is a good control mechanism

"I used to feel completely uneasy not knowing the quantities of products I had at any point in time. The loophole gave employees the opportunity to steal and I felt totally out of control. Thanks to Sumundi I am able to tell very accurately what the state of my inventory is with their technology and equally audit with a physical count. "
Mr. Boateng
Samlizz Enterprise

We Count For Businesses Of All Sizes

What is Stock Audit?

A physical verification of the inventory with computed stock (or manual stock data) maintained by the company. The major purpose to conduct this activity is to identify theft cases or rule out the discrepancies in the book stock and physical stock.

Process for Stock Audit Services

Step 1: Detailed Discussion

Discussion with our experts to understand your business and requirements. This will help us set the processes accordingly and provide you with a quotation.

Step 2: Plan and Execution

Once scope and quotation is agreed; all information will be collected and analyzed. Sumundi Experts and field staff will then execute the stock audit.

Step 3: Reports and Findings

All observations will be presented to you in the required format. We will go the extra mile of consulting with you and deliberate new strategies or the best way forward.

Let's Start Counting

The exact amount you will be charged is influenced by the size of your inventory, and the complexities of your requirements.

We've Been Doing It Best

Qualified Experts

We have team of trained and certified experts who have extensive knowledge about your industry.

Data Privacy

All team members are bound by an NDA clause and our in-depth privacy policy that ensures your data is safe.


Our goal is to save you money and not to leave you bankrupt. That's why our pricing is competitive.


Prevents pilferage & gives you an independent third party opinion for better management.  Contact us Now.

The time depends on the size and location of your business as well as availability of needed information.

Charges varies with complexity involved, size of inventory and the like. 

Yes! You get a report based on the requirements and goals you set out for the stock taking.

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