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Stock Transfers, Transfer Inventory Across Store Branches. 1

Inventory transfer process: 5 steps to follow.

How does inventory transfer work?

Physical inventory items are moved from one warehouse site to another during an inventory transfer, sometimes referred to as a stock transfer or warehouse transfer.

Let’s go over how to carry out a warehouse transfer step by step and how Sumundi Keepsales can make this process seamless.

First, establish an inventory transfer plan.

When requesting a transfer, warehouse managers or the sales department are responsible for knowing when to execute it, which things should be transferred, and where the source and destination are. 

Create an inventory transfer request in step two.

A stock request document will be created by the accounting department or inventory management and sent to the sending warehouse.

Deliver goods from the source inventory to the destination inventory in step three.

Staff in the source warehouse will print a slip following receipt of a stock transfer request. They then review the inventory to see whether there are any items that can be transferred. 

Since most retailers use barcodes or RFID to track inventory, they can scan the barcodes or RFID throughout the picking process to record the products that were transferred.

Receiving the goods is the fourth step.

The quantity of the products must be compared to the goods delivery slip when they arrive at the destination warehouse.

The staff must record the difference and notify the management or accounting department if, after transferring 10, three items were lost or damaged. 

A stock transfer requires efficient interaction between individuals, processes, and technologies.

To properly manage inventory activities, you therefore need to have the right tools in addition to understanding the process. Are you trying to find a way to move your inventory?

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