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The local retailer and technology

Technology is gradually taking over the retailing industry, dragging all who matter in the industry along yet leaving behind our local retailers who are at the end of the supply chain, right before consumers. Since the evolution of technology in business, local retailers have complained and held onto some myth about technology. These are some of the reasons local retailers reject the use of technology in their business operations.

It is expensive

A local retailer’s first reason for rejecting technology is thinking that technology is expensive. It makes it a herculean task to actually convince a local retailer to buy into the idea of POS systems, electronic price tags or digitized bookkeeping. The myth they hold is their inability to afford the cost of hardware and software and would rather stick to their ancient ways of running their businesses and rather use the money to stock their shops. The truth is technology is always worth it. There is a high return on investment when you use technology. What that means is that you make your money back, with more profits with the help of technology.  It makes running your business easier. Nothing good comes easy and I would say nothing good is cheap. Local retailers can settle for lesser prices but quality software and technology when finally trying technology.

Difficult to use

Some retailers assume that using technology will be a difficult task because of the navigation through and the understanding of the use of hardware and software and so would not even consider using it. They think using technology requires a massive acquisition of knowledge before you can actually use it. On the contrary, these local retailers use smart phones and are active on social media. What they do not know is that technology is not difficult to use but requires constant practice, just like using a smartphone or even driving.

The myth of becoming lazy

The local retailer will usually say “I don’t want to be lazy”, when you try to sell the idea of adopting technology to them. Most hold the idea that technology makes humans lazy or takes away the jobs of humans. Local retailers are used to the manual ways of doing business. They describe the manual system as hard work and reject any technology systems that will improve their efficiency and productivity. Technology makes things easier to do, so local retailers who run their businesses with the mindset that they get to work harder when they perform their tasks manually, will think that technology makes one lazy.


It is the fear of technology or devices like tablets, phones and computers. It might sound like I am actually putting this word together but no, some people actually are afraid of technology. Generational gaps are usually the cause for the fear of technology. Millennials for instance do not fear technology. In fact they are curious and intrigued at the release of new technologies unlike the older generations who will intentionally shun the use of technology instead of being excited about new technology. Technology can be very difficult to keep up with due to updates and frequent innovations. Some local retailers have the fear of keeping up with technology or just adopting technology and will not be interested in using technology for their businesses. Therapy and continuous use of technology is the way technophobia can be overcome.

So the next time you encounter a local retailer who dislikes technology, don’t be shocked. Find out the myth they are holding on to and try to counter it with the solutions discussed above. We need all retailers on the technology ship.

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