We offer free training sessions for communities, unions, associations, and any other group where SME retail entrepreneurs belong. The current COVID-19 crisis has made it even more necessary that shop owners are equipped to cut out unnecessary losses in order to survive

The Theft-Proof Retail Strategy


COVID-19 has caused a lot of business to shutdown already and most of those surviving are barely keeping their heads above water. One of the major causes of SME retail business failure in Africa  has been employee theft in shops. Employees are usually able to steal as much as 25% of business capital over the cause of 5years.

This initiative is set out to:
1. Clearly define strategies to cover loopholes that allow employees to steal.
2. Deliver resources (templates and guides) that will be used in implementing these strategies.

How We Make Impact

Delivering value through a combination of three major mediums:
• Pre-recorded Videos and Audios
• Templates and Samples
• Online Group Training

Our group trainings are specifically organized in cohorts with limited participants per session to ensure interactivity and maximum impact. The final structure is usually an agreement between Sumundi and the participating group.

Our strategic goal is to guide 100,000 retail owners in avoiding theft by end of 2022.

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