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Types of Customer Behavior Part II

In our previous article we talked about some behaviors we are to expect from our customers and how to deal with such characters. Join me and walk through this article as we reveal the behaviors to expect from our beloved customers.

The indecisive customer

7 out of 10 customers are usually indecisive when selecting products that have different colors, flavors, designs and even brands. After lots of thoughts, analysis and scrutinizing, they can make a decision and later change their mind after wrapping and packaging. When you encounter such a customer, help them by guiding them into making best decisions on products. If you operate a shop, you can or have your staff approach such customers and engage them in a conversation to ascertain what their needs are and assist them to make a suitable choice for them. 

The calculative customer

The calculative customer is the one who is very particular about numbers so they help you in making calculations of all the things they have bought. After giving them their receipts they still ask you for the prices of all the products they have bought and perform their own calculations to ensure that they have not been cheated. Allow such customers to join you in calculating to prevent any disagreements later.

The straightforward customer

This type of customer is the easiest to handle. They know the product they want, brand and color and do not waste time in selecting them. This helps you to serve them in the earliest possible time and bid farewell to them. This type of customer sometimes is in a hurry and does not need any kind of distractions like suggestions. Just give them what they want.

The creditor

The creditor is the one every retailer must avoid. They always come and buy goods on credit and sometimes refuse to pay back what they owe you. In my opinion retailers should never lend out their goods because most times, creditors do not pay back and this burden will be carried by you.

The questionnaire customer

In retailing, it is expected of customers to ask questions about products they intend to purchase but sometimes, you can get overwhelmed by this situation. The questionnaire customer asks the same questions repeatedly, asks you questions not pertaining to the product and even personal questions of you. I agree with you, this can be very irritating especially with personal questions. Kindly decline answering personal questions if you want to and carefully answer product questions no matter how many times they ask.

Dealing with customers can be quite hefty because of the different behaviours they exhibit. To counter all these behaviours, handle every customer with care, love and respect to create a great customer bond. Remember, the customer is always right.

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